Number 5: Jey Vazz

This week’s Paris to PCH blog covers a young Danish producer by the name of Jeppe Hvass aka Jey Vazz. I stumbled across his newest song “Do It” on Soundcloud and was blown away by the sound effects. This song grows on you so much. Listen here:

He came out with a couple tracks in the past year and a half, his song “W U” sounds like Flume reincarnated (no surprise, that is his dream collab.) If this song doesn’t get you amped then there might be something wrong with you. Listen here:

The production value is phenomenal and our interview together was his first interview under the alias Jey Vazz! I love hearing the stories from young artists like Jeppe who come from a small town in the middle of seemingly nowhere but create some of the sickest sounds you have ever heard. If you go through his music, you’ll notice that his sound bounces all over the place. Its hard to find an artist that is a truly a master in any genre he makes. Jey Vazz is going to be coming up on the big stage of electronic music, just remember that you heard it hear first when he does. Read our full interview below! Thanks for tuning in!

1.Where exactly are you from/originate? And is Jey Vazz your actual name?

I am from Denmark. I live in a small town called Tønder and Jey Vazz is actually not my real name, my real name is Jeppe Hvass.

2. How long have you been making beats and what got you into this type of music?

First of all, I’ve been making music for about 3-4 years. When I was 13 years old I took piano lessons that only lasted for 2 months because I never felt like “this is so me”. So later when I was 15, I discovered that you could actually make a song with no physical instruments, but with just a PC. I downloaded FL studio as my first digital audio workstation (DAW) and it all began there. That Christmas, I wished for a midi-keyboard which is a keyboard that connects directly into your (DAW). From there, I basically taught myself how to play the piano and use the program. I was doing nothing else but experimenting with it. And then, one and a half years ago, things really started to take off. At that time, I was producing house and a bit later I discovered that it was possible to make money from Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and so on. So anyways, I released a song called “Stargaze” which blew up, with almost 400,000 streams on Spotify and 100s of videos of people dancing to it on Youtube. I was shocked. But got even more motivated. Although from this point, after “Stargaze”, I slowly lost my passion for the so-called “House Music”, and I slowly began to experiment more and create different types of genres, while sometimes combining these different types of music. The past year has been incredible though; I’ve been signed to Music All Star publishing, which is originated under the label Spinnin’ Records label. I’ve always been passionate about every kind of music, whether it was Jazz, Classic, House, Future Bass, Funk, Trap, and so on, I’ve always seemed to like it all. So that’s how I got kind of in to this path of experimenting with new music, which you can especially see in the track called “Do It”.

3.Your production sounds incredible, what hardware/software do you find yourself using the most? Do you have a favorite synth?

Thank you! Mainly I would say I use FL studio, which is what I’ve been using from day 1. But lately I’m looking more into a software called Ableton Live. For now I’ve just been using Ableton Live, to connect with my Launchpad, so I can live record and do live shows with that. My favorite synth at the moment is probably the one you hear in the track “Do It” which I made by pressing buttons and turning knobs in a plugin called “Sylenth1.” I think the synth is something never heard before and sounds fresh.

4. Where do you start on a song like “Do It”? There are so many layers and sounds effects building/vibrating constantly.

On the track “Do It” I actually started by making the chords, which you can hear in the intro, from there, I created the synth and started to play with it. I arranged everything and made the drums and after that I just kept adding sounds.
The sound effects that are birds and other kinds of ambient noises is something I’ve always wanted to add to my songs, and on this one I thought it fit perfectly.

5. Do you have a dream artist that you would like to collaborate with on a track?

Yes, and I’m going to have to say its Flume who is also one of my favorite artists. The way he releases his music and shows his unique sounds is just in itself, inspiring. He always manages to create new sounds and keep developing himself. A track with him would definitely be a dream come true.

6. I feel like you don’t have one specific genre of music that you produce. “Stargaze” and “Your Love” have a House beat while other songs sound like Future Bass. Do you have a favorite genre to produce?

One of my main mottos is never to limit myself to one genre or one thing. I really just produce whatever I feel like and always try to do new things. Although I feel like I’ve stepped a bit away from the House scene, and more into the Future Bass, Chill, Hip Hop, Funky, Experimental scene which is where I want to continue staying in for now. I really don’t have one genre that I love to produce specifically. I really try not to think about genre when I’m starting a track, although I try to avoid the basic “house type beat”, for now at least. I definitely feel more interested and attracted to the experimental, hip-hop, future bass & funky genres.

7. Lastly, when can we expect some more rad music from you?

Sadly, I cannot give a specific date but there will def be some new things soon, I’ve been working on a lot of new music that I can’t wait to show y’all!

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