Number 2: Runners Club 95

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone through Runners Club 95‘s album titled Panama Papers and every time it has been pure gold. The electronic duo includes members Maria and Carl originating from the sleepy town of Eskilstuna, Sweden (about an hour west of Stockholm). You can almost imagine the seemingly never ending Swedish forests being a perfect backdrop for these 80s era synthesizers slowly transporting your mind to another world.  My personal favorites are “Made for You” and “Pastel Skies”. Carl informed me that all their beats were 100% original with absolutely no samples which is insane considering how beautiful the production sounds. New music is on the way so be on the look out for Runners Club 95.

Listen to Panama Papers here:

Or check out even more of their content on their Soundcloud page here:

Thanks for checking out the first new music blog post on Paris to PCH. Stay posted.

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