Number 14: Keep Shelly In Athens

Anytime I’ve heard Greece mentioned lately, all I think about is the massive financial issues that have plagued the country’s economy in the past few years. Yet beyond all those negative conditions, you still have artists like Keep Shelly in Athens that keep pumping out singles and albums regularly. Keep Shelly in Athens is a perfect example of what Paris to PCH is all about. A veteran, legendary group out of Athens, Greece creating some rhythmic electronic mixed in with nostalgic 80s dream pop. Members RPR and Jessica have been creating musical joy for several years. Here are a few of my favorites:

“In Love with Dusk” fascinates me because when I listen to it with headphones, the bass at the beginning feels like its in my throat where its matching a frequency. I love it. And then the drums come in followed by that spacey guitar rift. A wonderful composition:

“Oostende” hits that 80s sound really well. The voice, the synth, everything is perfect. I’ll just put the music video for this one:

“Seattle” is one of their newest tracks and if you’ve ever been to Seattle then I think you’d agree that it captures that city’s feel really well:

“Bright Morning” brings us back to that chill electronic sound. Its just good:

Keep Shelly in Athens will be releasing a new album this month on September 29th entitled Philokalia so stay tuned! Here is their only upcoming show as of right now:

October 28, 2017
Tomtom Mh. Kaymakam Resat Bey Sokak 11
Istanbul, Turkey

Now read the interview below!

For those readers who haven’t listened to your music yet, could you introduce yourselves to the audience?

We are RPR and Jessica Bell. We’ve been living and writing music in Athens for several years now. With Keep Shelly in Athens we have made several headline tours in North America and Europe. On September 29 we release our third album titled ‘Philokalia’.

Your name, Keep Shelly In Athens, refers to the part of Athens where the group originated correct?

Yes. It’s a play on words from the area in Athens called Kypseli.

Being a Greek group, do you think that singing in English is pretty common for Greek artists or are you guys somewhat of an anomaly?

It’s not that much of an anomaly. There are many artists and bands who release music with English lyrics—especially heavy metal, which is a popular genre here. The only “anomaly” in our case is that we’re headlining gigs outside of the country despite not being heavy metal. Most of our fans are abroad.

You guys have played a lot of shows, has there been any favorite venues/cities?

Apart from, of course, our home city of Athens, there are too many cities we like! It would be amiss not to mention London, Gothenburg, Seattle, San Francisco, New York and many more. Everywhere we go, we enjoy every moment.

I really like the feel of your second single, entitled “Seattle,” it sounds very 80s era to me. Could you tell us a little about the lyrics and musical composition of that song?

When we start writing a song we don’t really understand how it’s going to turn out ourselves. There is no end to the possibilities of how it will sound, or what atmosphere it will have. But when the music is done, melodies and lyrics are written. When writing the lyrics, we always try to capture the mood of the piece in some way. We’ve always loved Seattle, and the city’s ‘gleaming nights’ inspired us. So we went with it.

Is there a song that is particularly significant to the group?

Every song has a story, but the first two have a very special place in our hearts. ‘Fokionos Negri Street’ and ‘Cremona Memories’, as they were inspired by Kypseli, the town where Keep Shelly in Athens was born.

“Bright Morning” is one of your highest played songs on Spotify and it sounds so magical. I feel like it is a bit of an abnormal production for you guys compared to other recent tracks. Any story behind that song?

‘Bright Morning’ is probably the only single we’ve released that has not been posted on any blog or website. Nevertheless, it was particularly loved by the Spotify listeners and it made us very happy!

What are a few groups that inspire your sound?
Air, Cocteau Twins, Junior Boys, Kate Bush, Massive Attack, Oasis, Portishead, Toro Y Moi.

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