Number 12: StéLouse

In the past ten years, electronic music has quickly drifted into what most would consider “popular music.” It’s become almost impossible to know what was made on a computer and what was made with physical instruments. To weave these two different sides of music into an indistinguishable bona fide concoction is a feat not easily accomplished.

StéLouse (aka Ross Ryan) out of Denver comes from that physical band background which gives him a particular understanding of music that has become increasingly rare amongst electronic producers who learn tempo through a computer rather than a conventional method. His expertise can be heard with ease throughout his self-titled album StéLouse. If you aren’t already amped by, the dare I say it, M83-esque intro on the track entitled “Artery” then your taste in music probably isn’t quite developed yet. Queued right up with a collaborative track featuring one of my favorite artists right now: Nick Leng? Unreal. You won’t regret working through the complexities of this album from the infatuating deep bass in “Lovers” and a galactic Prophet 6 synth intro in “Come Home”

Not to mention his latest single that dropped last Friday (July 28th) entitled “Bones” works majestically with the stunning voice of Dance Gavin Dance’s Tilian Pearson. Its crazy how a post-hardcore voice like Tilian’s meshes perfectly into the sound of “Bones.” His voice merges my nostalgia for that genre of music growing up with those modern beats that are so damn catchy.

Checkout Paris to PCH’s exclusive interview with StéLouse below:

For those that have yet to experience your music, could you tell us your name and what city you call home?

StéLouse (pronounced like ‘stay loose’) I am from Denver, Colorado.

It looks like you’ve been creating music for a few years now. When/How did you first become interested in making music?

I started playing in a band with a couple friends after high school. All those people from those early band years don’t make music anymore, but for some reason I’ve just never stopped. I guess I sort of like making music, or perhaps I just don’t have any better way to spend my time.

You’ve collaborated with some talented artists that I listen to frequently (i.e., Nick Leng). How did your collaborations come together? Are there any artists that you dream of working with?

Nick is a great artist. Pure and honest. We met in LA last summer and that song just sort of fell together really quickly while hanging out eating thai food. Artists I dream of working with?? Hmmm maybe Trent Reznor.

Your self-titled album StéLouse was dropped this year and I’ve enjoyed the diversity of sound on it. The first track on that album is entitled “Artery” and the whole track builds off of the monotonous beeping of a heart monitor. It’s so unique. Is there a story behind that sampling/theme?

I made that song at a studio called The Artery. I guess I had the file saved under that, so when I revisited it I thought it clever to call it that and put in a heart monitor sound that flatlines later, like the listener just died and now we are going into this new world.

One of my favorite tracks of yours (and the first one I heard) is “Come Home”. The synth on that song sounds so cool. What synth is that? Do you have any favorite synths that you tend to use more than others?

Lots of Prophet 6 used in that song. I use that synth a lot as well as a Nord Lead A1.

Your newest track released on July 28th entitled “Bones” is a drug. It’s a great track for windows-down-city-driving. I’ve been putting it on repeat today.
Could you tell us a little bit about the lyrics and production of it? How did it come about?

I’ve been fascinated with the idea of doing a song with someone from the alt/punk/rock world for a while now. Dance Gavin Dance were and are an important band in that scene still today. I was approached by a friend and co-writer of “Bones,” Justin Gamella, about working on that song. He sent me the topline vocal that he and Tilian had written and I created the world/production around it. Really happy how it all came together.

It looks like you’ve played at various venues all over so far in your career. Do you have a favorite venue at this point? What venues/festivals do you dream of playing at?

Favorite performance/festival ever has been Lightning in A Bottle this past May. I really hope to play a sunset slot at Coachella in the near future, that’s a dream for sure.

Lastly, when can we expect another awesome single from StéLouse?

Sooner than later I hope. I have a lot of new songs ready to go right now.

Thanks for reading this week’s Paris to PCH artist interview with StéLouse. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud! Follow Paris to PCH via the links on the side/bottom of this page! Until next week!

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