Our Vision

Paris to PCH envisions a world where anyone who makes good music or incredible music videos can be known instantly. We want to know more about the artists: where they are from, what inspires them, and what they dream of. Bringing the world closer through the power of music.

Our Story

Paris to PCH was born from popular demand. Ever since I (Charlie) was about 13, I have been obsessed with finding new music. After burning a comical amount of CDs in high school and making playlists in college, I realized that most people don't know the songs that I know. After graduating college, I moved to Paris for a few months where I discovered how many incredible electronic artists originated there. Now living in LA, I feel as if so many artists around the world are seemingly unknown here. Thus here we are with a website dedicated to the artists I am constantly falling in love with around the world.

the Main(s)

For now, this is a solo project. One day we shall expand but at least you know who I am.

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Charles aka Charlie aka Charfiji aka Charlemagne

I literally do everything around here.

Want to contribute?

Email us and we'll email back. Technology is crazy.